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Miss Chilinska

Miss Chilinska has worked as a consultant ophthalmologist in Sunderland Eye Infirmary since November 2021. In 2012 she completed her PhD and general ophthalmology training at the University Hospital Wrocław, Poland, before moving to the UK to further her surgical skills in oculoplastics.

She worked as a part of the oculoplastic team in Newcastle Eye Centre between 2015-2019 and continued to develop her oculoplastic surgical skills by completing a clinical fellowship in Manchester Royal Eye Hospital between 2020-21.

Her daily clinical work is in oculoplastic surgery. This involves correcting lid malposition, periocular reconstructive surgery, lacrimal surgery and management of orbital diseases.

In her free time she is a certified ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher and has completed a school of make up design and styling.

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