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Ptosis is a condition in which the eyelids droop and get in the way of vision.

The skin around our eyes naturally ages resulting in changes which can be addressed with a variety of treatments.

Eyelids can develop a variety of cysts (eg chalazions, sweat gland cysts) and lumps (skin tags, benign lesions, cancerous lesions).

Also known as a meibomian cyst, a chalazion is a common type of cyst that forms on the eyelid.

Entropion is a condition in which your eyelid turns inwards so that the lashes rub against the eye making it red, sore and watery. If not treated it can lead to serious infection and damage to the eye.

Ectropion is a condition in which the lower eyelid turns outwards so that the lid does not sit against the eyeball. The exposed inside of the lower lid can become red and inflamed.

Xanthelasma are the characteristic yellow fatty deposits that appear on the eyelids, especially the upper lids.

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