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Wax Removal Prices

One ear wax removal £50

Two ears wax removal £80

Important tips before your visit:

  • It's always a good idea to use olive-oil drops for a few days prior to your appointment. This is to soften any wax in the ear, especially if you are aware of a longstanding issue with solid ear wax build-up.  
  • Your appointment will last around 30 minutes per ear (60 mins for both ears), however in some cases it can be much shorter than this. 
  • We endeavour to removal all ear wax at the very first appointment, however if this isn't possible we will see you again free of charge. 

Please note:

This service is for adults aged 18 years and over.


About Ear Wax

Ear wax (cerumen) is a natural substance produced by the ear.

Factors such as age, genetics and health can all be contributors to the building up of wax in the ear. If left untreated, ear wax can become painful and become impacted in your ear, causing a variety of problems.


How we can help

MY Hearing Clinic offer the safest and most effective type of wax removal available – micro suction ear wax removalThis is when ear wax is removed from the ear using gentle suction with a low pressure suction machine and fine sterile probe. 

The procedure is performed by our trained clinicians.

This is a completely safe and comfortable way of removing wax, giving you instant relief from any problems you may have been experiencing.


Benefits of micro suction wax removal

Unlike ear syringing or ear irrigation, no water is used to flush the ear canal. Instead the procedure is performed ‘dry’ which helps in significantly reducing the risk of infection and/or accidentally ‘pumping’ ear wax deeper into the ear canal.

Unlike ear syringing and ear irrigation, micro suction wax removal can be performed in people who have a perforated eardrum or grommet, mastoid cavity or cleft palate, in addition to any foreign object that may be lodged inside the ear canal.

Patient Testimonials...

"Excellent all-round service. Very professional from receptionists to the doctor who did the ear wax removal. Such a relief to be able to hear properly - well worth the £80 charge. Strongly recommend."

C.H. August 2019

"Visited this clinic today after being "deaf" in one ear for a week. Nurse Practitioner at GP surgery said there was no wax but indeed there was. Thank you for my excellent and same day appointment. From receptionist to practitioner, first class treatment. I would recommend this clinic to everyone. Thank you."

E.B. January 2019

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