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If you are struggling with your hearing, or suspect any changes or deterioration to you hearing, it's best to get this checked with a professional hearing test.

At MY Hearing Clinic, our expert audiologists have a wealth of knowledge and experience to determine your current hearing ability.

This is achieved by a full and comprehensive hearing assessment being carried out which includes many varying elements of hearing testing.  By completing an extensive assessment of your hearing needs we can work together to find your best possible solution.

At MY Hearing Clinic, we use various testing facilities in order to get the most accurate representation of your hearing needs:

  • Pure Tone Audiometry testing - this is where sounds of varying volumes and frequencies are played through headphones and a button is pressed when they are heard. This helps us to map out areas where you may be struggling to hear/not hearing at all. For example; you might here well in a lower frequency, but struggle at a higher frequency. This allows us to pin-point the best hearing instrument to suit your needs.
  • Bone Conduction testing – this is where a vibrating noise generator sensor is placed behind the ear and presses on the bone to test how well the nerve is working. This is completely painless and is used to measure how well sounds transmitted through the bone are heard.
  • Speech Perception testing – this is used to test the ability to hear words without using visual information. This is achieved by playing words/phrases via a speaker with varying levels of controlled background noise. The score achieved helps us to identify where they may be a hearing impairment.

All of these testing elements come together to give us a clear picture of your hearing needs, along with an accurate idea of which hearing instrument will best suit you. Once we’ve pinpointed your areas of concern, we’ll work together to ensure we get to the best possible solution for you. 

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