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In our everyday lives, our ears are constantly under attack from a steady stream of sounds at varying levels, with these sounds sometimes being so extreme that they can damage your hearing. Exposure to sudden sounds like shotguns and fireworks can immediately damage your hearing. Repeated exposure to loud noise over a long period of time such as machinery and loud music at concerts can slowly but surely damage your hearing.

Regular exposure to sounds at 85dB or above can permanently affect your hearing. Many work environments have requirements regarding the use of hearing protection. Motorcyclists, musicians, swimmers and those working in aviation are just a few examples of those of us who may require hearing protection in the workplace.

At MY Hearing Clinic we can offer a range of certified custom electronic noise suppressors, custom-made noise plugs, ear guards and ear plugs.

Aside from hearing protection instruments, there are many steps you can take in order to try and further protect your hearing, see our advice pagefor more on this. 

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