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Maintaining Hearing Aids

In order to get the most from your selected hearing instrument, it is important to care for them and check them regularly. Our expert Audiologists will show you how to care for your hearing aid and we will be here to offer advice and support when you need us.

See below some handy tips for caring for your hearing aid:

  • Perform daily listening checks: Listen to the hearing aid every day to ensure they sound clear and not weak or whistling. Our audiologists will teach you how to listen for intermittency and feedback.
  • Check the batteries: Typically batteries last about 1 to 2 weeks depending on use. You can purchase a battery tester to check your batteries are full strength. It is advised to always keep spare batteries with you and to store them in a cool dry place. It is wise to remove the batteries when not wearing the aids for long periods (i.e. sleeping) in order to preserve battery life.
  • Clean the hearing aids: they should be cleaned regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Inserts/Ear moulds can be removed from the hearing aids and cleaned with a mild soap solution. You can dry them carefully with a forced air blower (not a hairdryer). Ensure they are dry before reattaching them to the hearing aids.
  • Minimise moisture: in order to ensure proper function of the hearing aids they must be kept dry. If moisture builds up inside it can decrease the lifespan of the hearing aid.


As part of our lifetime aftercare promise to you, we will organise regular visits to the clinic for testing, servicing the hearing aids and making necessary adjustments.


For more information, please contact the team on or call us on 0191 917 8887, our team are always happy to help! 

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