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Protect your eyes this summer!

We have been fortunate to have another wonderful summer again this year, it has been simply glorious. Yes, we've had the occasional rainy day but that helps the garden! 

As we look forward to more wonderful long summer days spent outdoors with friends and family we thought we share some of our tips on protecting your eyes in the sun.

Overexposure to UV light increases the risks of eye diseases, including cataracts, growths on the eye and cancer. It can cause damage to the surface of the eye as well as the cornea and lens.

These diseases may take many years to develop, but each time we go out into the sun without protection we could be adding damage and increasing our risks to these serious disorders.

Be eye smart in the sun!

Simple steps you can take to stay safe in the sun and reduce your risk of developing a potentially blinding disease or tumour.

When buying sunglasses, do you check the UV rating? Ensure yours block both UV-A and UV-B rays and are labelled either UV400 or 100% UV protection. Wrap around styles stop the sun’s rays from entering at the side.

If you wear UV-blocking contact lenses, remember they are not protecting your whole eye - you still need sunglasses!

For extra protection, wear a broad-brimmed hat with your sunglasses.

Take extra care in UV-intense conditions such as the mid-day sun, when at higher altitudes and when the sun is reflected off water, ice or snow. Sunlight reflected off sand and water can cause photokeratitis, this condition is responsible for snow blindness.

Ensure you and your family take precautions whenever you are outdoors.

Remember - never look directly at the sun!

We all use sunscreen to protect our skin, don’t forget to protect your eyes as well.

Concerned about damage your eyes may have suffered due to sun exposure - contact us today on 0191 9178887 or book on-line 

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