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Wonderful world, wonderful sounds


When fitted with new hearing aids, the most common comment we get from people is “I can hear the birds…

When fitted with new hearing aids, the most common comment we get from people is “I can hear the birds singing now!”

There is very little that can compare to immersing yourself in nature and soaking in the sights and sounds. Be it the birds in the trees, the crunch of Autumn leaves below your feet or the lapping of the sea against the shore, the beautiful sounds our planet Earth produces are unparalleled.

To get an understanding of the impact sounds have on our everyday life, we asked the following question:

What is your favourite sound?

“Running water from a river, stream or waterfall. I love the sound of the water trickling!”

“The engine noise from a Mustang!”

“The crunch you get under your feet when walking in deep snow.”

“The sound of raindrops hitting the top of your tent when camping!”

Something that we often overlook is the sheer power that sounds have to transport you back to a time or place, be it the opening credits of your favourite childhood cartoon, a song from your favourite film or perhaps the way Forest Gump claims “life is like a box of chocolates”. Psychologists have long been fascinated with the link between sounds and memory, so much so that there are constantly studies being done around sound. Sounds are used to unlock memories in dementia care, music and sounds seem to be able to reach places in the brain that other forms of communication simply can’t.

Despite sounds, music and noise being so influential in our lives, bringing so much power and joy, it is often taken for granted. We notice most that those presenting with hearing loss have long forgot the usual sounds they used to hear, which is why once their hearing is restored, they are amazed at the things they had been missing!

“I can hear the kettle boiling as soon as I walk into my kitchen!”

If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, don’t delay in getting a hearing test. They are free and painless and can be done in around an hour. With the help of a hearing aid you could once again hear your world and the wonderful sounds it makes. Call today on 0191 917 8887 for more information. 

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