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Cataract Surgery

With age the natural clear lens within your eye can become cloudy forming a cataract. This may affect your vision and may cause glare. Cataract surgery removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with a clear plastic lens.

What happens during my appointment? 

Cataract operations are performed under local anaesthetic, the eye will be numbed using drops and/or an injection and you will be awake throughout surgery.  You should not feel any pain or discomfort.

During cataract surgery, the consultant will open the outer lining of the natural lens to remove the cloudy contents using an ultrasound machine and lots of water. A new artificial lens (implant) will then be placed inside the eye allowing you to see more clearly.

Cataract surgery is performed as an out-patient procedure at Sunderland Eye Infirmary during our private patient treatment sessions. Allow approximately two hours for your appointment.

Surgical Risks

Following surgery you may experience discomfort, redness and bruising around the eyelids. Immediately after surgery, pressure inside the eye may be higher than normal causing a painful eye or headache. This should settle fairly quickly but treatment from drops or tablets may be required.

What will the final results be?

The main aim of cataract surgery is to restore as much of the vision you have lost as possible. Most patients will have good vision without glasses following surgery however, we cannot guarantee that you will see perfectly without glasses. The majority of patients will require reading glasses following surgery.

Who will I see for treatment?

For assessment and treatment of cataract see our Cataract Surgeons: Mr Kotagiri, Mr Ghosh, Mr Habib, Mr Doherty, Mr El-Assal

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