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Verruca Follow Up Treatment

Verruca are viral infections in the skin that can sometimes need a little help to clear them.

If you suspect you have verruca you will be required to visit us for a full routine treatment. During this appointment you will receive an in-depth consultation and foot examination to confirm the suspected verruca and establish suitability for treatment. A full routine treatment must be conducted prior to follow-up treatment, we will not be able to treat a suspected verruca if we have not conducted a full routine consultation. Once suitability for treatment has been confirmed, you will be booked in for Verruca Follow-up Treatment.

During your Follow-up Treatment visits we will examine the verruca to establish any improvement. Your verruca will be reduced using a blade (this is not usually a painful process) and appropriate treatment will be applied. Treatment offered at My Foot Clinic includes application of salicylic acid or silver nitrate. These treatments help to disintegrate the viral cells of the verruca. It may take a long time for the verruca to completely go and you may require visits every 2 – 4 weeks, therefore patience and dedication is needed if you start the verruca treatment regime and unfortunately there is no guarantee the treatment will work.

Sometimes, merely rubbing away the dry skin over the verruca with a clean emery board and applying a plaster helps to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight the infection can be of benefit. 

Treatment Fee: £40

Appointment Duration: please allow up to 40 minutes

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