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Nail Surgery

Have you suffered from ingrown toenails? Do they keep re-occurring even when you’ve had them cut back? Are you prone to infections?

At MY Foot Clinic we have vast experience of providing nail surgery for the part or full removal of ingrown toenails. Our podiatrists ensure a careful and skilled approach and will be happy to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

Nail Surgery Assessment 

A nail surgery assessment will be conducted prior to surgery being scheduled. During this appointment your full medical history and medications will be discussed. We will conduct a full examination of the affected area, discuss your options and suitability for treatment. All information will be discussed and you will be provided with information to take home for review, you will be clearly educated on the procedure. Nail surgery is not suitable for everyone and you may have to stop taking certain medications (with consent from your GP) prior to surgery. If you are a suitable candidate and are happy to proceed we will go through consent to treatment with you and schedule a convenient date for surgery.

Nail Surgery 

Prior to this minor surgery we will carry out an examination of the affected area, discuss any changes in medical history or medications and any questions or concerns you may have. We will then confirm you are happy to proceed with treatment. A partial nail avulsion, where part of the nail is removed, or a full nail avulsion, where the full nail is removed, will then be performed by our qualified podiatrist as per previous treatment plan agreed. The affected toe(s) will first be numbed using a local anaesthetic. Once the area is confirmed to be numb, the surgery will be carried out. You may feel some pressure during this procedure but you will not feel any pain due to the local anaesthetic. A chemical called Phenol is used to prevent the nail from growing back. The toe(s) is then dressed. You will be provided with full aftercare instructions on how to care for your toe(s) during the healing process along with dressings.

It can take 5 - 6 weeks for a healthy individual to fully heal following a partial nail avulsion and 8 - 12 weeks for a total nail avulsion. Do not worry, we will be with you from start to finish with regular visits for redressing and review.

Review and Dressing Change

You will need to be seen in clinic within 7 days of surgery for a review and dressing change appointment. During this appointment we will discuss any questions you may have, check for any signs of infection and re-dress the toe(s). You will be seen again for review and dressing change in one week.

Your nail surgery package includes:

Nail surgery assessment                               40 mins, £50 payable upon assessment appointment

Nail surgery                                                   60 mins, £365 (for one toe, £420 for two toes)

2 x Review and Dressing Change                  20 mins, no charge

6 month Review                                            20 mins, no charge 

Additional review and dressing change appointments can be scheduled if required at a charge of £15 per visit.

Please note:

Bring updated medical records and medication list along to your appointment, it would also be useful to know your weight.

On the day of surgery we advise you bring along wide fit open toed sandals if possible to wear following surgery and advise you do not drive.

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