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Lower Limb Sports Massage Therapy

Lower Limb Sports Massage Therapy is a ‘hands on’ treatment delivered by our professional podiatrist which can help improve your wellbeing by improving circulation, relieving muscle tension and aiding in injury prevention. Treatment style and focus will be decided jointly between the patient and the podiatrist taking into account the best recommended technique and the patient preference. Through this treatment we aim to provide relief from symptoms as well as providing diagnosis and management advice for injuries.

This treatment can be great for those who enjoy sporting activities. If you suffer from hip and knee injuries, sporting injury or pain management. All new patients will require a Biomechanical Assessment first to ensure this is the best treatment for you. Our course of treatment will always be tailored to your needs, lifestyle and goals and we will work with you to help you achieve optimum short and long term results.

Important note: 

When attending Sports Massage Therapy please wear loose, comfortable clothing such as shorts.

Treatment Fee:                £40.00

Appointment Duration: 30 minutes

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