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Glaucoma treatment

Raised pressure within the eye can be a sign of glaucoma which is a condition that can damage the optic nerve and reduce the field of vision. Patients with raised eye pressure may require monitoring, drop treatment or surgery.

What happens during my appointment? 

You will be asked about your eye problems, you general health and any regular medicines that you are taking. It is helpful if you can bring any prescription for medicines from your GP, and any prescription for glasses from your optician. Your vision and eye pressure will be measured. Special additional investigations for glaucoma may include assessing the drainage angles of your eyes (gonioscopy), measuring the thickness of your corneas (pachymetry), assessing your field of vision (visual fields with progression analysis) and a scan of the optic disc (OCT).

Treatment plans available:

The treatment plan chosen will depend upon the type of glaucoma you have. Unfortunately, treatment cannot restore any loss of vision that has already occurred but it will prevent your vision getting worse.

Regular follow-up appointments may be required to monitor your eyes and check the chosen treatment plan is working.

Eye Drops

This is the main treatment plan for glaucoma. Drops are usually used between one and four times per day and work by reducing the pressure in your eyes. You must follow your treatment plan and ensure drops are used as directed, your sight is at risk if you don’t stick to your recommended plan.


Glaucoma surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic, your eye will be numb and you will remain awake. You should not feel any pain or discomfort during surgery.  

Surgery is performed to allow fluid to drain more easily from the eye. This can involve removing part of the eye drainage tubes or part of the sclera (the outer white covering of the eye) or widening of the drainage tubes, sometimes implanting a tiny device or tube inside them.

Who will I see for treatment?

Patient with raised pressures (checked by an optician) or having a family history of glaucoma can have a full glaucoma assessment carried out and treatment by our Glaucoma Specialists: Mr Doherty, Mr El-Assal. 

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