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We understand having any form of eye surgery can be a worrying experience. Your eyes are precious and complex structures so quality, safe care is absolutely essential when choosing a clinic for your care. We can assure you MY Eye Clinic offers a calm and comfortable environment with a caring, knowledgeable and experienced team on hand to quickly put you at ease ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable at all stages of your journey. MY Eye Clinic offers exceptional quality and safety standards from a dedicated first class team of eye health professionals.

We offer a full range of eye assessments, investigations and treatments. Your initial consultation will last approximately 30 – 45 minutes. Extensive consultation will help us to establish exactly what your eye health needs are and your consultant will always fully discuss your treatment options with you. If you have been referred by your optician or GP, we will endeavour to book you into your required specialist ophthalmology clinic using the referral information provided. Patients with general and non-specific referrals or no referral will be seen initially by Corneal & External Eye Disease specialists. If you should require surgery you will be listed for surgery at Sunderland Eye Infirmary. 

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