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Turning-out Eyelid

Ectropion is a condition in which your eyelid turns outwards so that the lid does not sit against the eyeball. This can cause watering because the tears cannot enter the little tear drainage hole in the lid. The inner surface of the lid, which is supposed to remain moist, can dry out and become inflamed.

What causes it?

Weakening of the eyelid muscles and laxity of eyelid tendons, mainly as a result of age, can make the eyelid unstable and prone to turning out. Ectropion can also occur as a result of trauma, scarring or surgery.

What you might experience:

When the eyelid turns in, your eyelashes rub against the front of the eye. You may feel that you have something in your eye. You may experience your eye watering and crusting. The eyelid margin and inner surface of the lid may become red and sore. The constant watering of the eyes can irritate the eyelid skin causing it to contract and eventually scar.

Is Ectropion serious?

Ectropion is not a serious condition but it is easier to correct at an early stage, before the inside of the lid becomes inflamed and the skin becomes irritated by the tears.

What treatment is needed?

Ectropion requires surgical treatment; our oculoplastic surgeons will accurately diagnose your condition and recommend appropriate surgery. Most surgical treatments are quick and highly effective and are performed under local anaesthetic.

Who will I see for treatment?

Eyelid problems can all be treated by our Oculoplastic Specialists: Mr Boyce, Miss Chilinska.

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