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Droopy Eyelid

Ptosis is a condition in which your eyelids droop and get in the way of your vision. To compensate some people may strain to lift their eyebrows as much as possible to keep their eyes open.

What are the causes?

There are many causes of ptosis but the most common is due to poor connection of the eye-opening muscle to the eyelid. This can be caused by aging, contact lens use or trauma.

What are the symptoms?

You may struggle to keep your eyes open, particularly towards the end of the day. You may find you have to use a finger to lift the lid in order to see. Your eyes may appear closed in photographs.

Is Ptosis serious?

Ptosis is not a serious condition but, if severe, it may impair your vision.

What treatment is needed?

Ptosis requires surgical treatment; our oculoplastic surgeons will accurately diagnose your condition and recommend appropriate surgery. Most surgical treatments are quick and highly effective and are performed under local anaesthetic.

Who will I see for treatment?

Eyelid problems can all be treated by our Oculoplastic Specialists: Mr Boyce.

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