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New Patient (Cataract)
New Patient (General)
New Patient (Severe Dry Eye Clinic) inc. full dry eye investigations
New Patient (refractive surgery elsewhere) inc. refractive investigations
Review (inclusive care post-op)
Review (General)

Lens Types and Inclusive Care Fees

Monofocal Lens
Monofocal Toric Lens
Panoptix Toric

Laser Inclusive Care Fees

YAG Capsulotomy (Unilateral)
YAG Capsulotomy (Bilateral)
YAG Iridotomy (Unilateral)
YAG Iridotomy (Bilateral)
SLT Laser - Glaucoma (Unilateral)
SLT Laser - Glaucoma (Bilateral)
Excimer Laser (all types) (Unilateral)
Excimer Laser (all types) (Bilateral)

Anaesthetic, Block and Sedation Fees

Cataract: Topical
No Extra Charge
Cataract: Topical and Sedation
Cataract: Block
No Extra Charge
Cataract: Block and Sedation
Excimer: Topical and Sedation
Plastics/ Other: Short Sedation (<30 min)
Plastics/ Other: Medium Sedation (30-60 min)
Plastics/ Other: Long Sedation (60-90min)
Plastics/ Other: Very Long Sedation (90+ min)

Glaucoma - Inclusive Care Fees (excluding sedation)

MIGS with iStent (LA)
Phaco + MIGS with iStent (LA)
Tabeculectomy (LA)

Investigation Fees

Autorefraction (by nurse/ optometrist)
Autorefraction (by consultant)
Biometry (by nurse/ optometrist)
Biometry (by consultant)
Corneal Pachymetry (by nurse/ optometrist)
Corneal Pachymetry (by consultant)
Corneal Topography (by nurse/ optometrist)
Corneal Topography (by consultant)
Endothelial Cell Count (by nurse/ optometrist)
Endothelial Cell Count (by consultant)
OCT (Ant or Post Segment) (by nurse/ optometrist)
OCT (Ant or Post Segment) (by consultant)
Visual Fields - Unilateral (by nurse/ optometrist)
Visual Fields - Unilateral (by consultant)
Visual Fields - Bilateral (by nurse/ optometrist)
Visual Fields - Bilateral (by consultant)
Glaucoma Work-Up: Pachymetry, Fields, OCT (by nurse/ optometrist)
Glaucoma Work-Up: Pachymetry, Fields, OCT (by consultant)

Oculoplastics Fees - Inclusive Care Fees (excluding sedation)

Blepharoplasty - Unilateral Upper Lid (LA)
Blepharoplasty - Bilateral Upper Lids (LA)
Blepharoplasty - Bilateral Lower Lids (LA)
Blepharoplasty - All 4 Lids (LA)
Ptosis - Unilateral (LA)
Entropion Repair - Unilateral (LA)
Ectropion Repair - Unilateral (LA)
Everting Sutures - Unilateral (LA)
Lateral Wedge + 3-snip (LA)
Chalazion I+C (LA)
Reverse Ptosis - Unilateral (LA)

Retinal Fees - Inclusive Care Fee (excluding sedation)

Vity + Peel + Gas ± Endolaser (LA) – mac hole
Vity + Peel + Gas + Phaco (LA)
Vity + Lens Exchange (LA)
Conventional Retinal Surgery (LA)

Intravitral - Inclusive Care Fee


Corneal - Inclusive Care Fee

Conjunctival Allograft + Pterygium Removal
Corneal Debridement without Alcohol
Superficial Keratectomy with Ethanol

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