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A day in the life of a podiatrist

Meet Jennie Hayes, our Podiatry Clinical Lead. Jennie absolutely loves her job and the difference she makes for so many people! 

In this blog post, Jennie will take you though one of her clinic days in early April 2019 to give some insight into a day in this fantastic profession.

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"A great start to the day in seeing my first patient who is suffering from an ingrown toe nail and desperately needs nail surgery. After months of struggling with an ingrown toe nail and several infections she has built up the courage to come in for an assessment and book in for nail surgery. On assessment patient has good strong pulses and sensation in the feet are normal.  The patient at present has an infection so I have advised we will try to remove the spike and then she may need antibiotics to treat the infection so that surgery will be more effective.  A wince and the spike is out, all drained, cleansed and dry dressing applied. Health check all done and patient is happy to have full nail removed. Discussed full procedure with patient and I will see her next week for the surgery.

"My next patient has come in with the dreaded plantar fasciitis which is pain just behind the heel bone at the insertion point of plantar fascia.  This is a thick band of tissue which acts like a big elastic band supporting the arch and aiding with the shock absorption when the foot contacts the ground in propulsion phase of gait.  It also aids the big toe in pushing off.  Pain usually happens first thing on a morning and then after getting up from rest.  In this case the patient has classic signs and symptoms and relief often comes from orthotics and mainly exercise in stretching the plantar fascia and strengthening.  Also massage and ice can help too. The patient has been given a full biomechanical assessment and from this diagnosed with plantar fasciitis which should settle down but can take up to 12 months to do so.

"A great variation of patients makes for an interesting day as today I have had nail surgery problems, an ulcer which is an open wound in this case under the nail itself.  Scarily, this can go unseen until inflammation and pain is present and can become quite serious if left untreated.  I have also had several biomechanical assessments including the plantar fasciitis and patella tendonitis.  I feel like the variation is so vast it’s a great way of keeping all my skills up to date.  Also no day is ever the same and you never know what tomorrow is going to bring. Seeing the patient coming in with a problem or a pain and leaving with either reduced pain or no pain is a great feeling.  Especially when I love doing what I’m doing makes it all worth the while."

Jennie is a fully qualified podiatrist with a Masters in Sports Injury and Biomechanics and is registered with the HCPC and the College of Podiatrist. Jennie works across both our Durham and Gosforth sites, if you would like to book an appointment with Jennie please contact us on 0191 9178887 or visit our website where you can register to manage and book all your appointments online.

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