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Training for a sporting event?

Injury during training for a sporting event is very common and can be very disappointing if it sets your training schedule back, or even worse, stops you from taking part in the activity.  Here at My Foot Clinic, we see many patients who visit us after suffering injury and we work with them to develop an individual treatment plan ensuring a full, speedy recovery. 

Your treatment plan may include Lower Limb Sports Massage Therapy, this is a ‘hands on’ treatment delivered by our professional podiatrist which can help improve your well-being by improving circulation, relieving muscle tension and aiding in injury prevention/ recovery. Treatment style and focus will be decided jointly between the patient and the podiatrist taking into account the best recommended technique and the patient preference. Through this treatment we aim to provide relief from symptoms as well as providing diagnosis and management advice for injuries.

Lower Limb Sports Massage Therapy is great for those who enjoy sporting activities, it can help keep you injury free during training and help you get the best out of your performance. We ask all new patients to visit us for a full Biomechanical Assessment first, this will allow us to get a full picture of your individual needs and concerns. We will then work with you to develop a tailored treatment plan to help keep your feet at their fittest, supporting you through your training.  

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